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Second Hand Bikes Sydney

You must agree that bicycles are one of the best things invented. They can get you to any location in Sydney or Canberra much quicker than you can walk. They also do not have any environmental impact as they do not use any fossil fuel. Moreover, there are no operational costs apart from the initial investment when you are buying them. 
Second hand bikes SydneySo, if you want a bike and you do not want to spend too much, you are welcome to The Green Shed. You can definitely find a second hand bike which performs splendidly for a small amount of money. Bikes which are in a poor state of repair may be expensive to fix. This is why we should be your choice. The Green Shed offers a wide range of second hand bikes which can be used for many more years. We have a great variety of all types, ages and costs, which is rare in any other shop in Sydney and Canberra.

Choose what sort of bicycle you are searching for in Sydney or Canberra, the exact size you require and get in contact with us via information on our website. From utility, exercise, mountain, recycled, racing and touring bikes to hybrid, cruiser and BMX bikes, we have them all! And all of them in good order and at the most competitive prices in Sydney and Canberra. 

Please note that we also accept donations of second hand bikes of all brands. We only accept complete bikes in good condition, not parts or wheels.

At The Green Shed, we get people out on bikes! Get in touch with us today or pop into our store. We are sure you will be able to find what you are looking for.