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Garage Sales Sydney and Canberra

Most garage sales in Sydney and Canberra normally occur on weekends or a specific day in a week; therefore, it is understandable that there is always a large crowd of people, wanting the same as you. They pop in, ask questions about different items, picking up exactly that particular item you wanted to go for. And you must agree, this can be very annoying.
Garage Sales Sydney and CanberraThis is why The Green Shed should be your choice. We are the number one garage sale site for Sydney and Canberra as we have a vast variety of goods for sale, and, equally important, for us - every day is a garage sale. This helps you to get away from the hectic crowd you may encounter in other places, allowing you to fully enjoy op-shopping for bargains. 

Our wide range of goods for sale include everything that you may need in your households and businesses in Sydney or Canberra: household items, kitchenware, furniture, lamps, art, hardware, building materials, doors, windows, books, CDs, videos, software, musical instruments, clothing, shoes, electricals, audio, computers, laptops, gardening, lawnmowers, timber, BBQs, outdoor furniture, outdoor gear, sporting equipment, bikes and toys and games. 

We make sure that all our items are in good shape and well organised, allowing you to browse through them easier. Also, our price lines are set by professional salespeople who make sure we cannot be beaten on price either in Sydney or Canberra. Moreover, they are always on duty to help you with any inquiry. 

Visit us today at The Green Shed to get out-of-this-world deals!