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Introducing a new educational initiative in the ACT:

At The Green Shed we are always looking to promote creative pursuits based around reuseable, repurposed, recycled, reclaimed and restored things. Using a little imagination and ingenuity we aim to inspire such creativity within the Canberra community. In view of this we are introducing Project Green Seed; a new, free service available to all of Canberra's primary schools. Project Green Seed offers teachers and students practical support with waste management units within the syllabus. The Green Shed now has a dedicated, qualified Educator-Artist available for either consultation or to visit classrooms and run workshops with children using items collected at our facilities based at Canberra's Resource Management Centres. Our hope is that these workshops will help inform and inspire the younger generation and give them a greater awareness of the importance of good waste management.

We believe that Project Green Seed can be utilized as a major resource for schools looking to fulfill aspects of the curriculum related to Waste and Sustainability. A classroom visit aimed at helping students make projects is just one of the things that Project Green Seed has to offer. We see Project Green Seed as a multi-faceted resource for schools, offering knowledge as well as supplies from The Green Shed. Staff at The Green Shed collectively share over 100 years of knowledge and hands-on experience in the recycling of reuseable materials and in local waste management and are available to answer questions and offer suggestions. For schools and teachers The Green Shed offers a huge range of freely-available recycled materials for school & classroom projects such as craft materials and outdoor supplies as well as mechanical and electrical items for de-construction by students looking to find out how things work.

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PROJECT GREEN SEED: Hands-on learning

"Unless someone like you cares an awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not!"
-Dr Seuss , The Lorax

It's all 'Stuff'…
Most of us today are very aware of the benefits of recycling glass, paper, garden waste and even metal, but what of all the other stuff? An old piece of furniture; a bike wheel, an unwanted Christmas present or last year's Christmas tree? What about granddad's old tools and our out-grown toys? There's old crockery, clothes, lawnmowers, tyres, toasters, kettles, a grown-out-of-swing-set and old pencils too! Not to mention the books that have once filled a dozen libraries…The list is endless and all of this stuff fills our landfill every day… is there a way to reduce how much is thrown out by putting some of this stuff to use? To re-use? What happens if we continue throwing all this stuff into our landfill sites? What do they do about it in other parts of the world? How can we stop sending so much STUFF to landfill???

Project Green Seed explores the importance of reusing and repurposing stuff in collaboration with recycling. The project is designed to assist schools and investigates the above questions and more by sparking students and teacher's imaginations. Its purpose is to create a sense of optimism in addressing and teaching awareness about the local and global problems of sustainability, finite resources and landfill.

Classroom projects are intended to give children a hands-on experience in conservation and design. Helping make these projects also gives students a sense of ownership, responsibility and stockpile of possible solutions to local and global environmental issues. Students are participating in a project teaching sustainability of resources. Resources that are readily available within their local environment. The projects invite students to discuss the problems and possible solutions to local and global environmental issues.

By their hybrid design the projects ask its audience to examine the original design of each individual element. These discarded items brought together in an imaginative, fun and playful way, have a new life. The objects/materials new life is to inspire its makers/audience to open their mind to the possibilities that re-using and re-purposing have to offer.

The projects are finished to a point that still allows plenty of room to continue the re-use/reduce/ redesign experience. Students are invited to bring in items from home that would otherwise end up in landfill which could enhance the design of their project; for example a ribbon, some beads, old toys or even some ideas for their next project! By combining home and school with an artist who specialises in working with recycled material from the community, students are incorporated in and receive first-hand experience of the interactions required for improving sustainability both locally and globally. The possibilities are limited only by the students and teachers imaginations...

A resource of ideas and the continuing possibilities will be left with the project. Every project made in the classroom will be constructed with consideration to age and abilities of the children involved. Each finished product will be unique to that particular classroom.